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Understanding the 5 Panel Drug Screen.

There is a reason why some drugs are labeled illegal which is why you cannot afford to have your employees working while intoxicated. You cannot keep tabs on the employees all the time which means you will have to settle for asking them to take drug tests regularly. When it comes to drug testing, the 5-panel drug test is one of the most common ones. Cocaine is one of the drugs that will be tested for when people undergo the 5-panel drug test. This is a highly addictive drug which is why it is a schedule 2 of drugs with a high potential for abuse. Many people get addicted to cocaines after using it a few time and besides this, it affected the psychological functioning of the user severely and this is enough for it to be considered a serious issue. Use of cocaine will even affect behavior and this is the last thing you want your employees to have.

If you have some background information on drug testing you will know that amphetamines are a common drug and many people can get hooked into it. These are sold in form of pills and they are snorted after the user crushes them. People who use this drug lose their appetite and it is a stimulant. People looking for a way to stay alert and awake for extended periods of time turn to amphetamines to get that. Even though it can help in staying awake, there are other less subtle means for people to avoid sleepiness when they are studying for an important test or working on a crucial project and this is why the use of amphetamines cannot be excused. Some employees may make you believe that they were using the amphetamines for the good of the company but this does not mean you have to let the misconduct slide because soon it might become a habit.

The third class of drugs tested in this panel is the methamphetamines. You can get the product in powder form or it can be crystallized. Many manufacturers use labs which have been set up in their own homes which makes it hard for a standard of the strength and composition of the substance to be established. People who use meth will get euphoria as well as focus well and have increased energy. The bad thing with the use of meth is that after those feelings are gone the user will need more of this substance to get the same feeling again. You have to let go of drug users because they will only pull you backward.

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